Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wed, 11/7: Shamian Island & Applying for Zoe’s Passport

Sorry for getting a bit behind, hoping to catch up today :)
Today we took the 15 minute cab ride to Shamian Island, where we had stayed during our time in Guangzhou for Ella's adoption.  The US Consulate at one time was on the island which led it to becoming the center of American adoptions.  Now, with the consulate no longer there and the main hotel that catered to adoptive parents, the White Swan, being closed for renovations, few if any, adoptive families now stay on the Island.  We were happy to see that many of the shops catering to adoptive families were still open, we actually brought our laundry to drop off at one of the shops to be delivered back to our hotel the next evening.  We also bought a very life umbrella stroller for about $20 (which Zoe proceeded to fall asleep in).  The island was still as architectural charming as before and was a nice break to the hustle and bustle of big city life where our hotel is.
In the afternoon we headed to a government office to apply for Zoe's Chinese passport.  We should receive this by Friday and then will start the second part of the process, dealing with the US government to get her visa so we can bring her into the US as a citizen.
Zoe is continuing to slowly show more emotion and definitely likes hugs, kisses and snuggles.  She is walking quite well and usually walks from our room to the elevator and then from the elevator to where breakfast is served.  She is still mainly eating soft spoon fed foods (congee, oatmeal, etc), but we will keep trying to get her onto more solid items.

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