Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Valentine's & Fun Outside

The boys and I spent Valentine's Day on our own since German was in Portland on a business trip for several nights. We celebrated with heart shaped pizzas I made and cupcakes we had made together. We were very lucky to have a break in the rainy/dreary Feb weather over President's Day weekend and spent lots of time out in our backyard (though the dreay weather has now returned :(). The boys had fun helping Dad fix some sprinklers and running up and down the hills that frame our backyard. They aslo once again enjoyed playing with the beans we had set up for their birthday party.

The last piece of big news is that I have decided to leave Intel and be a full time Mom. Even just working 3 days a week was getting too challenging with the 2 little ones so German & I decided this was the best plan for our family for now. My last day is next Tues, 2/26 so I have been very busy training my replacement and looking into new daycare/preschool programs since we are planning on keeping the boys in some sort of program on T/Th so they will still have all the learning and interaction that they are used to mand I'll have time to get stuff done around the house.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated the boys 2nd birthday with what was orginally going to be a small gathering but ended up being a lively party of about 20 adults and 20 kids/babies. We lucked out on the wetaher this year and were able to take the masses outside. The boys enjoyed their train cakes which Mom put together with the help of Gramdma & Grandpa and Grandma's cake decorating book from 1973 saved from my childhood.
We filled our outdoor water table with pinto beans which was a huge hit with the kids, maybe too big of a hit as the beans ended up all over the backyard leading to a clean up effort the next day.
The boys definitley understand the concept of opening presents. They also have a new found love of saying and singing happy birthday leading to many sessions where Mom has to sing happy birthday to them, Mama, Dada, blankie, bear, monkey raf, etc, etc, etc :)

All in all it was a great celebration with friends & family that none of us will soon forget :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Games & Work

One of the boys new favorite games is to play ring around the roses. Of course their favorite part is falling down at the end. The other day after a pre birthday party Costco run, their Dad put them to work unloading the beer into the fridge while we took everything else out of the car. Not one bottle was broken!