Monday, November 12, 2012

Mon, 11/12: Safari Park

Today we had a long day at Safari Park, a really cool zoo type place here in Guangzhou (we went last time we were here too).  Luckily Zoe is happy in her stroller so we cruised around looking at lots of animals in the morning.  We also fed a giraffe, I know you can do this also in many zoos in the US (we have done it at the Miami Zoo), but it is different here in that the fence is only about 4 feet high, the giraffes come right up to your face (in the picture the giraffe's head is less than a foot away from Zoe).  They have a large koala house (about 12 in total) as well as panda house (probably about 15).
After walking around we went to the "riding safari" where you sit is an open air train that drives through areas of animals, from camels, to giraffes, to lions, to tigers, white tigers, cheetahs, a bit of everything.  The less dangerous animals roam free and the train had to some cross the road, and the more dangerous ones are separated from the train by a narrow moat only.
It was a fun day for us, Zoe didn't really seem to interested in any of it, she's still a bit young.  She was super tired and crank on the bus ride back and cried most of the 40 minute ride, finally falling asleep a block away from our hotel at about 4pm.  It is about 5:30pm and she is still asleep, got go wake her up or she'll never go back down later J

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