Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wed, 11/14: US Consulate Appointment & Group Pic & dinner at The Brew

This morning was our visa appointment for Zoe at the US Consulate.  It is located in a rather ugly high rise building and no cameras are allowed so we don't have much to about it.  We basically take an oath swearing all the documentation and information we are providing is true and accurate and each family is called one by one to turn in all their documentation in order to get a visa & visa package for the newly adopted child so that when we arrive in the US and present the package to the immigration officer, the child will officially be a US citizen.  We won't get all this until 4:30pm on Thurs, which is why we are not flying home until Fri.
In the afternoon, all 10 families with our agency got together to take a group picture, most of the kids were dressed in traditionally Chinese dress.  Zoe put the outfit we got her on, but wasn't too happy about it.  The picture of the 3 girls on the couch is the 3 children from our province (Guangdong), believe it or not, Zoe is the youngest of the 3!  On the left is Rachel, who is 20 months old, and in the middle is Libby who just turned 3 years old.  Yes our little girl is big J
For dinner, we went with our new friends, the Hoskin's (Libby's parents) from Iowa that we met 2 weeks ago to go to a western restaurant called the Brew that we had driven by several times.  We had a great time eating wings, fries & gravy, nachos & burgers.  It was a little taste of home after all the Chinese food.

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