Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trains, Trains, Trains

After getting advice from our friends the Kornaks, we went ahead and became family members of the Railroad Museum in old town Sacramento. We took the boys there for the first time today, and let me say it was $50 well spent! The boys loved both the museum and excursion train ride (all of which was included in our membership making us $32 closer to paying off the $50 annual fee). German & I were amazed at how HUGE the engines were, which means they must have seemed twice as big to our boys.
Here we are on the 6 mile excursion train ride along the Sacramento river, we even got to see the engine go by to re-attach to the cars when we reached the midpoint and had to turn around.


Friday, September 12, 2008

All Aboard!!

The boys obsession with trains continues and we lucked out and grabbed some cool Thomas the train stuff at our neighbors garage sale, one being a cool conductor's hat, though they only had one, we were happy the boys cooperated and took turns trying it on.

Conductor Noah with Thomas (that makes chugging sounds when you roll it).
Conductor Lucas.
The boys also had fun with their buddy, Brandon (our Intel friends, Dave & Katrina's oldest), at a labor day BBQ we hosted. We didn't quite get the camera quick enough because all 3 were sitting in the sandbox, here you can see Noah making his exit.