Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thu, 11/8: Liuhuahu Park

We had a free day today so we decided to take Zoe to the nearby park with a lake we enjoyed so much on Saturday.  The park was still very crowded, mainly with older people.  We took some time watching the many playing pingpong and badminton, they all seemed very competitive.
Then we moved on to a children's play area.  It had a playground, lots of merry go round types of things that the kids sat on and then you pushed them around, and even a weird round metal cage that German decided to bring Zoe on, even though he barely fit in it.  Zoe went along with it all but didn't show much emotion.
Our highlight of the day was as we continued to walk around the lake and then stopped to watch some dancers.  With a few snuggles and tickles, she started to show small smiles for the first time and we even saw teeth (for the first time)!!  It is amazing to see and to sense that she is getting more and more at ease and comfortable with us.
We finished the day off having Papa John's pizza (which was amazingly delicious!) and beer with one of the other families with our agency in their room while our 2 girls played (or at least their 3 year old did while Zoe sat and played with a bath book).
All in all, a great day.

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