Friday, November 16, 2012

Fri, 11/16: waiting day #2, all packed and ready to go home!!!

Our bags are all packed and we have 1 hour until our shuttle to the airport arrives.  We are sooo excited to get Zoe home, but also nervous to see what her reaction once home will be.  In the nearly 2 weeks we have had her she has transformed from a silent toddler with no emotion other than being serious, whose legs would collapse when we tried to stand her, who didn't know how to chew solid food and who only held a toy when we put it in her hand, to a vivacious, laughing, playful toddler who is nearly running and eating soft foods very well.  In this time the environment has been constant (our hotel room) and both of us have been with her pretty much constantly with no distractions.
So our concern is, how will she react to her new home, which is likely larger than her entire orphanage was?  How will she be with sharing her new parents 3 three siblings?  She will no longer have familiar languages being spoken around her or familiar smells or an abundance of food she is used to (congee has been her staple).
Hopefully it will all go smoothly and we'll enjoy a week together as a family since Lucas, Noah & Ella are all off school all next week.
For now, we just have to get through the next 24 hours of flights and waiting in airports.  In 24 hours we should be home (our flight gets into SMF at 11:30pm Fri)!!!!

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