Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trip To Miami

We have successfully completed our 2nd cross country trip with the boys to Miami to see German's family!! Unfortunately, Noah came down with croup a few days before we left and Lucas started not feeling well while we were there so both of us seemed to be holding one of them most of the trip :)

It was great to see all German's sisters, parents & nephews and niece.

Here is a pic of the boys at dim sum (notice Noah with the chopsticks, he was actually able to pick up a few grains of rice):

This one is Lucas devouring orange slices at dinner (who knew he liked them so much, the were actually quite sour):

This is Noah sitting with cousin Johnny, he actually maneuvered himself in there without any prompting:

Here are the boys eating dinner with cousins Josh & Megan:

And of course, us waiting at the Miami airport for our 6 hour flight home which I must say they did fabulous on, especially considering they were on our laps and it was a completely full flight:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


People often ask me if the boys play together and believe it or not they do, as well as fight with each other, bite each, etc. Lately some of their favorite pastimes are chasing each other (and us) around the house, run has become one of Lucas's favorite words and have books read to them. They have always like booked, but lately that love has become a bit on the obsessive side and they will happily sit with us together and have the same book read over and over.

The below picture of them reading books happened last week while I was putting some laundry in. All the sudden they were quiet, so assuming they were up to no good I went looking for them and found them sitting together in the chair reading books, too cute :)

The second picture is of them playing with blocks together. Lucas loves to build towers and when the tower become taller then him, we showed him to get on the table so he could build it higher. Noah wanted in on the action too, so he become the delivery guy bringing blocks to Lucas to stack on top.

It is moments like these that really make me wonder what it is like to have only 1 :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Playing Outside

We have had wonderful weather over the past month or so (in between the summer heat and the winter rain) and the boys have enjoyed lost of time playing outside in our backyard. They love to run up and down the hills on the side of our yard and have now discovered playing with the dirt in our planter boxes.

I know the rain is not far off and am not really sure what I am going to do stuck in the house with 2 active toddlers all day :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


We have a Sunday ritual of making pancakes with the boys which up until recently has meant each of us holding one of them and trying to cook at the same time. Luckily, they are now able to stand up on chairs to watch which has proven to be much better for all of us! Now, whenever we are cooking anything, they want to help, including the other picture when they helped me make guacamole last weekend.

Those with more than 1 child, and especially with 2 toddlers knows how precious it is to take a picture in which both are actually looking at the camera. It requires them to be doing something that holds their attention long enough to be able to snap the pic before they are off again. I encountered one of those moments last week when they were both standing on the coffee table. I know it is not the greatest shot, but they are both looking at the camera!!! German wasn't as thrilled as me and his first comment was, "why were they standing on the coffee table?" I am more of the take what you can get mindset, and hey, they weren't crying, throwing a tantrum, or hitting or biting each other, so all was good.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


We had a great Halloween. Noah did much better with having a costume on then Lucas, but I was impressed they both kept the hats on for several hours. Getting a decent pic with the two of them together is pretty much impossible, hence the back view :)

We went trick or treating to about 5 houses and visited with our other neighbors with small children as we were all out and about. Lucas caught onto the whole after only one house. By the second house he would grab a piece of candy, put it in his bag and then grab another to put in his "Bubba's" bag, too cute!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally an update!!

I know I am not the best Mom in the world when it comes to sending pictures and updates of my boys, so I'm following my sister's lead and creating a blog (I know, I am ~20 months late).

The boys are doing great, they'll be 21 months on 11/10 and are all over the place!! Both are running, Lucas is jumping and Noah is trying to jump which is really more of quick march, but pretty cute. They both are saying quite a few words and have started a few phrases such as bye-bye wawa (when getting out of the bath) and this morning I got a bye Mama.

Lucas loves to stack blocks and has stacked them up to 12 high, pretty amazing! Noah likes anything that turns (wheels, screw caps, etc).

The picture is from when we went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma & Grandpa Weiss early in Oct (Lucas left, Noah right).

I promise I'll post some pics of them in their costumes once we take some tonight :)