Monday, January 14, 2008

Fun With Grandparents

The boys had fun putting together a gingerbread house when Grandma & Grandpa Weiss visited a few weeks ago.
German's parents arrived last weekend for a month long visit following them finally retiring by selling their restaurant in Miami.

Here the boys have fun reading books with "Po-Po"
And Noah eats a snack next to "Yea-Yea"

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Brotherly Love

Here are a few pics of the boys interacting. They both love yogurt and apparently Noah decided he wanted more and Lucas offered to help him out by feeding Noah some of his.

Not really sure what is going on here... either Lucas is trying to wrestle or just wants to give his brother a hug.
Not really sure what I would do with just 1 :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Belated Christmas Update

I know I am a bit behind with updates, so here is the whole Christmas Season in one. We started out the holidays with a visit to Santa at Intel. The boys weren't too thrilled, but we had fun at IHOP after with Jen & Casey.

One of my Mom's group friends hosted a Cookie decorating party for 4 little ones. It was one big mess but a lot of fun. The sugar sprinkles were the big hit with all 4 kids and my boys were running around with a sugar high by the time I got home.

We had our Weiss family Christmas in San Jose on the 22-23. It was fun to watch all the kids opening presents, though the boys had a rough time sleeping away from home leading us to take off later Sun instead of spending a 2nd night.

The boys had fun riding in the car Grandpa refurbished, though it was hard to share and take turns (still working on that).
We spent Christmas Eve with our surrogate Jen and her family at her Mom's house and then had a nice relaxing Christmas Day at home. The boys had fun playing with their sit & spins from Grandma & Grandpa and love the train table that Mom & Dad got them and were able to successfully assemble Christmas Eve.

We hope everyone had very Happy Holidays!!!