Friday, October 2, 2009

Noah Sept 09

Where Lucas is always busy, Noah would happily lay on the couch watching Diego & Imagination Movers all day if we let him.

Here he is in his favorite place, on the couch, with his blankie, sucking his thumb.

He has taken more a liking to art lately and had a blast with some sidewalk paint outside.

He definitely has his Dad's sweet tooth, here he is eating french toast with powdered sugar.

Lucas Sept 09

I thought I'd do separate posts for each of the boys.

Lucas has found a few new hobbies lately.

He likes climbing the olive tree in our backyard (he obviously didn't inherit his Mom's fear of heights).

He is also a bit obsessed lately with 2 shoelaces which he likes to balance on top of things so he can crawl under and now is also tying things together.