Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally an update!!

I know I am not the best Mom in the world when it comes to sending pictures and updates of my boys, so I'm following my sister's lead and creating a blog (I know, I am ~20 months late).

The boys are doing great, they'll be 21 months on 11/10 and are all over the place!! Both are running, Lucas is jumping and Noah is trying to jump which is really more of quick march, but pretty cute. They both are saying quite a few words and have started a few phrases such as bye-bye wawa (when getting out of the bath) and this morning I got a bye Mama.

Lucas loves to stack blocks and has stacked them up to 12 high, pretty amazing! Noah likes anything that turns (wheels, screw caps, etc).

The picture is from when we went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma & Grandpa Weiss early in Oct (Lucas left, Noah right).

I promise I'll post some pics of them in their costumes once we take some tonight :)