Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Fun

Now that the smoke has cleared, one of the boys favorite activities is to play in their new swimming pool. The eagerly put on their swim diapers (which they ask for) and go nuts bouncing on the side, sliding down the zebra slide, and splashing in the water. Once day when Lucas was in one of his typical toddler moods, he kept getting upset because the slide was wet but he wanted to play in the pool, how do you rationalize with a 2-3 year old that the whole point of playing in the pool is to get wet???
There other current favorite activity (which got us through all the smoky days) is riding there trikes that they call bicycles. We recently took the gates down so they have a nice circle through the kitchen and around the hall. They have fun playing hide and seek with each other and Mom. If they get stuck and can't start going again, they will ask the other for help who will get off and give his brother a push to get started, too cute :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun at Fairytale Town

A few weekends ago we ventured to Fairytale Town in Sacramento to meet our firend Heather and her 2 kids, Abby & Gavin.

The boys favorite thing was the train and we spent much of the time on it, but they also had fun running around checking everything out in this toddler sized park.