Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tues, 11/6: Adjusting & Adoption Finalization

She slept through the night without any crying and not much tossing and turning.  She slept til about 6:30 – I think that's when we woke her with the coffee maker.  No complaining, no tears, just calm and taking it all in just as she did when she went to bed.  We got her dressed, and Facetime'd with the kids at home to introduce Zoe her new brothers and sister.  We also tried getting Zoe a bit more mobile and active and got her standing and walking.  Turns out she's a pretty good walker – although her ability to navigate through different flooring (carpet to tile) or different floor colors (white to black) may still need a bit of getting used to.  While Zone doesn't share many emotions yet with us, she did cry twice today – we took this as a good sign of progress in getting to know her – at least we know she'll cry out when she doesn't want to do something (in this case it was washing her hands under running water).
We also learned today that she still needs to develop her intake and chewing of solid foods.  So right now we're limiting our food to congee, yogurt, oatmeal and other soft foods.  We'll keep working on it, but it's where we're at right now.  We also got her to take a bottle today – another good sign of progress and that she's getting more comfortable with us.
Today we headed to the civil affairs office to finalize our paperwork and then to a grocery store to stock up on some supplies.  By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all exhausted – Zoe for experiencing new sight and sounds, and mom and dad for not having been able to figure out the baby carrier.  Tomorrow we're headed to Shiamin Island – the area we stayed when we adopted Ella.
We'll do some sightseeing and some shopping, but our first stop will be to pick up a stroller.
As we wind down our Tues, we are watching the east coast polls open on CNN, always interesting to see overseas coverage of American politics.

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