Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sat, 11/10: Start of the US side of the adoption process

Today marked the start of the US side of our process.  This started with us meeting up with the other 7 families from our agency that traveled to Guangzhou from the provinces their children are from (there were 3 families of us who adopted in Guangzhou).  The 7 other children being adopted is a mix of boys and girls with ages ranging from 12 months to 5 years.  It is very fun to meet the families and see the interaction of the adopted children with their new parents.
As a group we went for the children's medical checks.  This consists of going to a health office crowded with lots of children and adoptive parents.  You need to make your way through 3 stations: the area where they take the child's measurements, and ENT check (which includes German's favorite, the hearing test where the Dr has the child look one direction and then squeaks a rubber duck on the other side to see if they turn their head), and a general check where the Dr listens to their heartbeat, examines them naked from the waist down, and gets any questions answered about any special need they may have from copies of the medical data provided to us at referral.
Zoe did great, not crying at all, though she did insist on being held the whole time, even when waiting between exams.  She was measured at 81 cm tall and 14kg in weight (about 31 lbs).
We then went back to the hotel where I went to a meeting with a member of all the families and our agency reps to go over paperwork, and then we all went out to a group dinner which had great food and we were able to chat with some of the families we just met.
After dinner back at the room, Zoe showed us for the first time what a little goofball she can be by sticking out her tongue.  Every day she gets more and more comfortable with us and it is so amazing to see her little personality come to life.

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