Saturday, June 28, 2008

New adventures

Its been a while since we've posted - so this one will cover a bit of ground.

With summer getting started soon, we're finding ourselves outside more and more - spending afternoons in our backyard and visiting all the nearby parks.

Here they are enjoying painting - warshack style. Is that a buffalo and an ostrich :)
But when we are inside, we find time to be silly also. Watch the boys get silly in this video - that Lucas in the foreground and Noah in the back.

Today, we visited the Folsom zoo. The boys had a great time looking at the chickens, peacocks, and deer. We even saw a few tigers and mountain lions on our visit - its really amazing, how quiet they are as they move around in their cages. But best of all, we were just glad we can run around.

After the visit to the zoo, we took a ride on the train and had lunch at the nearby park. We love all kinds of trains - even more so if we get to ride it.

The boys really took to the rock climbing wall on the play structure - won't be long before dad gets to take them to the rock gym.

After a busy morning, the boys are quietly sleeping. Got to get some "me" time now :). Enjoy the post.