Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thu, 3/31: Bittersweet end to our trip

Our bags are packed  and we are ready to leave for the airport bright and early Fri morning.  We spent our last evening in Guangzhou going out to dinner with 3 families we have met on the trip.  It is amazing how quickly you bond with folks during highly emotional times like this trip was.  We are SO ready to come home but it is also so hard to say goodbye to all the new friends you have become accustomed to seeing everyday and with who we have a common shared experience.  Most folks are back east but luckily 2 families are in south Florida and we hope to get together with them over Thanksgiving week when we plan to be in Miami visiting German's family.
Tomorrow we have a 3 hour flight to Beijing, 5 hour layover, then a 12 hour flight to SFO (should arrive about 1:00pm local CA time).
Wish us luck.....  next post will be from home (or at least the US, we plan on staying at my parents in San Jose Fri night and then driving home Sat.
Night, night

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Rita and John said...

Have a safe trip home! Thank you for letting us tag along via your blog.