Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sat 3/26: Medical Exam and Paperwork

Today we got a chance to meet up with the 8 sets of adoptive parents we initially met in Beijing a week ago, but now along side them were their little ones.  Its truly a bonding experience as we traded stories of the initial meeting, who the child bonds to more (in some cases its the siblings more than the adoptive parents), impressions of the provinces we all went out to, and how resilient the children are given how much change they've undergone in just 4 days.
This morning entailed the group walking to the local gift store (that of course doubles as a photo store that takes Visa photos) and then a trip to the local medical examiner (catered to foreign adoptions) for a basic checkup.  Ella - did well for the most part with the only crying coming when entering the room with the masked man with the cold stethoscope - yeah I'd be unconfortable with that too.  Official weigh in comes at 26.1 lbs.  No vaccinations needed, but heard some kids could get as many as 7 shots depending on their age and lack of prior approvals - ouch.
Then in the afternoon - we had a document prep meeting - making sure that we had all the document and photographs ready for submittal to the US consulate later this week.  After a moment of panic when we couldn't find one of the documents from the Nanjing province and the worst fears rushing through our heads - we managed to locate it and get it to our coordinator - disaster avoided, phew.
The rest of the time seems to be mostly waiting for our consulate appointment (Wednesday).  But the time seems to be moving along so hopefully it won't be much longer. 
Here's a picture of Ella at the ENT station at the medical examiner (not shown - to check her hearing, the Dr has a casio keyboard set up to play a standard recording of some tones at its highest volume level, then as Ella looks at the keyboard, the Dr takes a squeaky toy by her other ear and squeezes it to see if she acknowledges it and turns - hilarious)  

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