Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fri 3/25 Flying to Guangzhou

After a morning spent packing up we were off the airport for Ella's first flight!  It was weird to check her in with her very own Chinese passport!  She is really ours!  She wasn't too happy to be confined to our laps on the flight (luckily is was only 2 hours) and did not nap at all.  However, she did love the airplane food and ate just about a whole meal of chicken and rice.  Once we got to the hotel Ella was out a few minutes after laying down.
We love Guangzhou so far, much more quaint then the other big cities and lots within walking distance. It is also much more westernized which is refeshing.  German is happy since most people speech Cantonese and was excited to be able to chat with the lady at 7-11.

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