Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sun 3/27: relaxing & shopping on Shamian Island

Shamian Island in Guangzhou, where our hotel, the White Swan, is located, is the "capital" of all things Chinese adoption due to the fact that all American's, regardless of what province their new child is from, have to go through here since the US Consulate is in Gunagzhou.  The Island is small (you can walk around it) and a place so unique that is not really fully describable (those that have been here to adopt or with someone who has know what I mean).  The locals have definitley made a business out of catering to the new American parents, there are tons of small shops around selling everything from diapers, toys, baby clothes, souviners as well as most do laundry.  You can also borrow a stroller from most of them for the duration of your stay (free of charge, we have one) and all the store have ramps installed to make them stroller accessable.  Our hotel, which is the hotel most often stayed at by new familes, has a large playroom on the first floor that is capreted and has various toys to play with (it is sponsored by Mattel, so guess who makes all the toys).  The room is a great place to let Ella play around without getting into everything she shouldn't in our room and also a great place to socialize with other parents.  I have  already been able to hand on some stuff we haven't needed (and few bibs and some too small jammies to one family and an extra sippy cup to another).  Mattel also provides all the new chilodren with there very own "Going Home Barbie," which is a blond Barbie holding an Asian baby (I know, very politically incorrect, but still special).  All in all this is definitley our favorite city of the trip and has been such a fun and unique experience!

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Kathleen said...

You got your Barbie! Glad you are happy to be in GZ! I bet it feels good! Not long now before you get to go home. Enjoy the island!