Monday, March 21, 2011

Adoption is now official!

Went back to the regional office today to finalize our paperwork - most organized process we've seen considering the potential for bureaucracy.  After 15 minutes, some verification of personal information and a few thumbprints (Ella's included), a few gift offerings, and a few more photos, we're now officially a family of 5.
After having Ella with us last night, just reconfirms to us how well she's adapting.  Slept thru most of the night - took her bottle of milk this morning (once we figured out that we needed to upgrade the speed regulated nipple on it).  Got her dressed in quite an array of pinks and headed down to the safe haven that is the hotel breakfast buffet.  Ella is a great eater - just about likes anything we feed her - which means that we need to keep her on this diet for as long as we can before the nugget, corn dog, pop tart eating brothers of her corrupt her.  It wont last.... :)
The next 2 days for us are free days - free to explore the city on our own.  We'll see how much fun we can get into ourselves.

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Kathleen said...

OH, sweet Ella! What a cutie. I am so happy for your family. She looks so happy! Congrats!