Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orientation, Forbidden City, Tinanmen Square (aka one LONG day)

We started the day off with another yummy buffet breakfast (definitely the best meal of the day) and then attended our adoption agency's orientation.  The best part of this is we got new pics of Ella and some more info including her schedule (she seems to sleep a lot, we'll see how that changes), she is not potty trained and wears diapers, she is spoon fed by her caregivers and she is scared of fireworks (I guess in China with fireworks so frequent this is important info, for us it was more of a non duh, what young toddler isn't??)  The most interesting bit of info is that Ella's birth parents left a note with her when they abandoned her at about 1 day old and we will get a copy of that.  I am very curious to learn what it says (our guide should be able to translate it) and am happy to give her something originating from her birth family.
After orientation we had a group lunch and headed to the Forbidden City.  The buildings were beautiful but I don't know if it jet lag kicking in or if I just want to get to Nanjing to get my girl, but it seemed more like the never ending city of a bunch of buildings that all looked the same.  Also, lots of stairs and my legs are a bit tired from yesterday's Great Wall marathon.  At the end of the Forbidden City you come right out into Tinanmen Square.  That was very cool mainly because it is just so BIG!  Though the wind was also kicking up and it was getting chilly so I was happy to get back on the bus.
Then it was on to a Silk Factory (it is nearly 4pm by this time).  It was interesting but having a preschool teacher Mom who used to bring home silk worms that we fed mulberry leaves to and watch grow learning about the process was all that exciting.
After that, we finally were back at the hotel at about 5:00 and made photocopies we need for the province and walked down to a nearby mall to figure dinner out.  For whatever reason, I am just not into the food hear (maybe seeing the skewers of bugs???) So we happened upon a grocery store and bought PBJ supplies and decided to get some ramen bowls (noodle soup is sounding good).  People say the US is overwhelming in their choices, I now know what they mean in being faced with an aisle of ramen bowls all labeled in chinese and trying to figure out which to get.  We finally just picked 2, German is eating his now and says it is ok (though spicy) I have a feeling I may be PBJing it tonight!
Tomorrow we have nothing until 11:00am (yeah!) but have to be packed and checked out as that is the time we meet our transportation to the airport to head to Nanjing (the head of Ella's province Jiangsu).  We are traveling with one other family who is adopting an almost 2 year old son there and have their 3 older children with them.
Only 2 more nights until I meet my cutie!!!!  My mind has started thinking about her and if she even knows that these are her last 2 nights in the only home she knows.
Thanks for all the comments people have made on facebook, I get emails of those and look forward to reading them so keep them coming :)
Until tomorrow...

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