Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thur 3/24: Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausaoleum & Ming Tomb in Nanjing

Sorry for the late post (it is Fri noon here now), I normally post after Ella goes to sleep at night but I fell asleep with her at 8:30pm last night :)
Thurs was a busy day sightseeing for the 3 of us.  We went to seer where Dr. Sun Yat-sen was buried which is at the Purple Mountain a beautiful area.  In order to get to his grave site you have to climb 392 steps.  Our "I do it myself" little girl seriously climb we guess about 375 herself with us holding her hands.  If we tried to pick her up to carry her she would start screaming.  All the Chinese people there were either amused or appalled by the fact that we were actually allowing her to try to climb herself.  Every other small child we saw were carried the whole time.
She made it back down about 1/4 off the way before just sitting on a step to rest and refusing to move on either by herself of with one of us carrying her, so we did what any good American would, pick her up screaming and made a run for it (again with appalled looks by the locals, apparently Chinese  babies never cry :))
She fell asleep in the ergo with Daddy (still not about ergo with Mommy) and slept for 3 hours.  We took a walk to the Ming Tombs which had the most beautiful gardens.  There is a plum blossom festival there annually.  There was a "Sacred Walk" that led to the tomb which had all sorts of carved stone animals and people along it.  I thought it was really cool and was a bit sad Ella slept through it all, though I took pictures of her and German next to each of the animals.
She woke up just in time to catch a cab back to the hotel.  She ate ton for dinner, actually willingly walked to the bath and has fun playing in it, and fell asleep on the bed with us next to her no tears after a bottle and episode of Baby Einstein, as I stated earlier I stayed asleep as well.  The emotional drain is becoming much less as she adjusts to us but I forgot how tiring 2 year olds are and she is a very ACTIVE 2 year old, we have already started making a list of what needs to be baby proofed at home, I think she will be into things a lot more than Lucas and Noah were.
We leave for a flight to Guangzhou in a few hours and I am nervous how her first flight will go and how she will adjust to a new hotel and what emotions that change will trigger.
Last stop before we head home, one week from now we'll be on a plane on our LONG journey home.
Love and miss everyone, especially our Bubbas who we are so glad we are able to see every morning via Skype :)

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laralynn said...

sounds like you all are adjusting nicely to each other. she's so adorable! yup, remember melina in alaska? she was two. and also into way more than kai ever was.