Wednesday, November 21, 2007


People often ask me if the boys play together and believe it or not they do, as well as fight with each other, bite each, etc. Lately some of their favorite pastimes are chasing each other (and us) around the house, run has become one of Lucas's favorite words and have books read to them. They have always like booked, but lately that love has become a bit on the obsessive side and they will happily sit with us together and have the same book read over and over.

The below picture of them reading books happened last week while I was putting some laundry in. All the sudden they were quiet, so assuming they were up to no good I went looking for them and found them sitting together in the chair reading books, too cute :)

The second picture is of them playing with blocks together. Lucas loves to build towers and when the tower become taller then him, we showed him to get on the table so he could build it higher. Noah wanted in on the action too, so he become the delivery guy bringing blocks to Lucas to stack on top.

It is moments like these that really make me wonder what it is like to have only 1 :)

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