Wednesday, November 7, 2007


We have a Sunday ritual of making pancakes with the boys which up until recently has meant each of us holding one of them and trying to cook at the same time. Luckily, they are now able to stand up on chairs to watch which has proven to be much better for all of us! Now, whenever we are cooking anything, they want to help, including the other picture when they helped me make guacamole last weekend.

Those with more than 1 child, and especially with 2 toddlers knows how precious it is to take a picture in which both are actually looking at the camera. It requires them to be doing something that holds their attention long enough to be able to snap the pic before they are off again. I encountered one of those moments last week when they were both standing on the coffee table. I know it is not the greatest shot, but they are both looking at the camera!!! German wasn't as thrilled as me and his first comment was, "why were they standing on the coffee table?" I am more of the take what you can get mindset, and hey, they weren't crying, throwing a tantrum, or hitting or biting each other, so all was good.


Karla said...

Stacy, German: Congrats they are so cute! Can’t believe how fast the time goes. Enjoy them as much as you can! Love, Karla.

Laralynn said...

i think they look very cute standing on the coffee table :)

auntie lynn

Anonymous said...

I agree with Lynn...they are adorable and look so proud of themselves to be standing on the table :)

Jen W