Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trip To Miami

We have successfully completed our 2nd cross country trip with the boys to Miami to see German's family!! Unfortunately, Noah came down with croup a few days before we left and Lucas started not feeling well while we were there so both of us seemed to be holding one of them most of the trip :)

It was great to see all German's sisters, parents & nephews and niece.

Here is a pic of the boys at dim sum (notice Noah with the chopsticks, he was actually able to pick up a few grains of rice):

This one is Lucas devouring orange slices at dinner (who knew he liked them so much, the were actually quite sour):

This is Noah sitting with cousin Johnny, he actually maneuvered himself in there without any prompting:

Here are the boys eating dinner with cousins Josh & Megan:

And of course, us waiting at the Miami airport for our 6 hour flight home which I must say they did fabulous on, especially considering they were on our laps and it was a completely full flight:

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