Friday, April 8, 2011

First Trip to the Mall

The boys are at school this morning so Ella and I headed to the mall.  I have to say, single strollers rock!  After years of having to deal with monster double stroller I feel so much lighter and more mobile using a single stroller :)
All is all things are going well but tiring!  On Tues & Thu when I have all 3 kids all day are a killer!  I have decided to juts not to expect to get anything done but making sure they are fed and happy (which is hard for me since I like things neat and in control).  Just getting laundry done and put away yesterday seemed like a HUGE accomplishment!  On M/W/F when I just have her things have been great and we have had a lot of fun.  For those twin moms out there, yes, having just 1 is easier!!!
Ella is still eating up a storm, sleep has been good but she is upset if she makes up and one of us is not in the room so several naps have been cut short or she has gotten up earlier than she should of, but overall not nearly as bad as it could be :)  Yesterday she had a little separation anxiety and I basically had to hold her all morning.  I took a shower with her standing half way in with me.  Today I was successful at showering while she watched Baby Einstein on the iPad, in the bathroom, sitting on German's cheesehead (which she seems to love).

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