Friday, May 9, 2008

Trikes & Playdough

Sorry for taking so long to post, not really sure where the last month has gone, and I thought staying at home would give me more time :)

Lately, the boys favorite activities have been riding there new "bicycles" and playing with playdough. The trikes are inside and outside and Noah is quite skilled at pedaling and goes very fast around our kitchen, though he still needs to learn to pay attention, he has almost run me down several times.
Another new favorite is playdough. We usually play with it outside, but the boys have been pretty good about keeping it on there little table in the kitchen if we are inside. They are really getting creative as they make long strands of mac and cheese with the medicine (the tool looks like the the thing we use to give them medicine).
Here is Noah making happy birthday ice cream, which we all sang happy birthday to.

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